SoCS: heart

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “heart.” Use it any way you like.

Heart. My stream of consciousness is roaring downstream in a flood of emotions. Damned up feelings I don’t want to talk about anymore. My heart. Nope, today I will protect my heart.

I wish I could think up some superficial little blurb on ‘having heart’ but my brain doesn’t work like that. I wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s something I’m trying to stop. Don’t talk about your feelings with someone who doesn’t care about them.

This week it rained and all the snow melted. Its going to be sunny all weekend. I keep going out to my garden since I got my Butternut tree trimmed back. I am so excited about getting this garden back! Its going to have full sun all day long.

Last Thursday I lead the exercise class at the mental health program I volunteer for. I do chair exercise and try to think up new routines to keep it interesting and fun. Its so well received and so appreciated it does my heart a world of good. Its so rewarding.

So when I say I’m going to protect my heart, that means focus on those things that bring me joy and happiness and avoid people who bring me down.

There! I got through this without pouring out my broken heart stories and kept it positive!