SoCS: new/knew

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “new/knew.’” Use one, use both, use them any way you like. Bonus points if you use both.

Oh Yeah, New Year’s Eve. O boy. Another day that’s built up to be way too important, like Christmas, then turns out depressing for those who aren’t living the dream. And that’s probably more than half of everybody.

I am invited to another house tonight to play games. They live in a town about a half hours drive up the highway. The snow has completely melted already and its going to rain today. This morning its very foggy. Like all older people; I don’t like driving in the dark, especially when its wet and foggy. So no intoxicants at all. That’s easy for the people I’ll be with because they don’t need any alcohol and certainly wouldn’t smoke pot! And good for them. That would be great to not need anything. But I do.

Of course I accepted. And its because we all make such a big deal about New Year’s Eve. I’m invited because these people care that I’m ‘all alone at Christmas’ or ‘all alone on New Year’s Eve’. So then I feel like I shouldn’t say no. I even question myself; don’t you want to play games with other people? Of course I do!

But now the day is here. I knew I would feel this way. Should I push myself to do what I don’t really want to do? Because its New Year’s Eve? Because I should?

I don’t want to stay straight on New Years’ Eve. I don’t want to get dressed. I don’t want to leave my cozy home and go out on a wet night wondering if it will freeze or get foggy. And for those of you who live in towns, you don’t know how dark, DARK is! Add rain and fog to that and white-knuckle it all the way home. There aren’t even lights on my road. I’m familiar enough with the houses to know where I’m at. I have reflectors on my mail box that show me where my driveway is.

I already know what’s going to happen now. My sister will get this post in her e-mail, then offer to drive all the way down here and then drive me home again tonight. Yes, she will. So I might as tell her now, “NOooowhhaaa! I don’t want you to do that.” And she’ll read this then text me that she wants to. That’s my big sister.

Yeppers . . New Year’s Eve and I knew I would feel this way.


P.S. I was going to end it there but I thought you should know; I had a great day yesterday playing games with my grandnephew. He came here and we played Wii Fit games, played cards and back to Wii games. So I had FUN and don’t feel ‘all alone’.

4 thoughts on “SoCS: new/knew

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the time with your grandnephew. I don’t like driving at night either. We need to have more options. Maybe you can take a rain check and go one day when the weather is good or sleep over at your sister’s house. Whatever, be safe and do what is comfortable for you. Best wishes in the new year!

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