SoCS: cozy

Oh yeah, that’s my word. That’s what I like most; to be cozy.

Especially last night; wowsa was that a storm!! The winds were roaring, the snow was blowing and the power kept going off and on again. I was sure we would lose it. At one point it clicked on and off 3 times in a row and that usually precedes an outage but luckily it came back on! Every time it went off I would think ‘this is it’ but it kept coming back on. PHEW!

I have a wood stove but kept my furnace going, too. I was trying to keep it as warm as possible thinking we would lose our power at any time. So I was very, very cozy!

The fire from the wood stove is the coziest. All the work I put into getting firewood and stacking it in the shed is so worth it! I do it exactly for that reason; to be cozy.

By evening the living room is nice and warm and I turn the thermostat down to 18C (64.4F). My bedroom is an addition off the end of the house so it gets cold quickly. But that’s OK because I pre-heat my bed with an electric blanket. When I get into bed its so damn cozy! Especially hearing the wind roar all around 3 walls!

So last night I was profusely thanking God or the Universe or my spiritual guides or whatever, just so darn GRATEFUL for my cozy home and bed. And electricity.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cozy.’” Use it any way you like. Have fun! (And Merry Christmas if I don’t come back before then!)

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