SoCS: anyway

Well, I don’t have any good ideas yet but I’m going to start writing anyway. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Just let the babbling brook meander any way it wants to go?

Today I’m getting my car sprayed with oil underneath. For those of you in warmer climates you may not know we do this. When the roads are slippery, townships use salt on the roads which eats away at the metal and rusts cars. We get a very heavy oil sprayed under the car, inside the doors and anywhere the oil can keep out the salt from the brine they spray on the roads.

I haven’t done it in 2 years so its necessary that I get it done. Two years ago no one went anywhere anyway. I still had oily stains leaking out my doors so I didn’t do it. Last year I was very tight for money and once again, didn’t go out much. We were still advised to stay home as much as possible which is something I do all the time anyway.

It took 3 weeks to get this appointment which tells me a lot of people didn’t bother in the last 2 years. I have a 2010 Matrix that I love and I want it to last.

I haven’t had to worry about it yet because we don’t have any snow anyway! All these storms around us and south of us but here we only have a dusting of snow, not even enough to cover the grass.

I have Christmas lights and a Christmas tree even though no one can see my house from the road anyway and people rarely visit here (I could stick in another anyway here but I won’t) . I do it all anyway just for me. In this gloom it feels like its getting dark at 3:00. All the lights and decoration cheer me up. Don’t ever think “well, its only me so I won’t bother” Bother anyway and say “Its for ME!”

But we need snow. You know why snow is white? Because it reflects sunlight! Zillions of crystals reflecting sunlight! Who wouldn’t want that?

Anyway. . . I’m all out of anyways.