SoCS: on my plate

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “on your/my plate.” Use it any way you’d like. 

Anyone who thinks they won’t have anything to do when they retire can’t imagine how busy they will be. I have had a lot on my plate lately and usually do. That would seem like a joke to someone who worked and had kids but it’s true!

There are more Christmas lights to go up and I’m starting to make neck pillows. 30-minute neck pillows they say. Yesterday I cut 2 out. I would have gone for a walk on such a great day but a neighbor was coming over to help me with my new Wii game. She didn’t show up and messaged me (on FB) last night that she would come this morning. Don’t blame her; she has a new baby, a 3 yr old and a husband. They are both serious gamers so I’m sure they have a lot of tricks or hacks. I sent her my text # but she messages me on FB. I don’t have FB in my phone and so have to keep logging on in my laptop to see if she messaged me.

Oh yeah! I got a new Wii Fit for my 70th birthday from my nephew’s family! I have spent so many hours setting up this game and now it won’t read the discs. I watched countess YouTube videos to set it up. Spent most of the day Monday doing that. I had everything except no picture on my screen. Even had the sound. I attended a Zoom workshop on Emotional Intelligence in the afternoon: had my laptop set up on a TV table so I could play with the remotes under the table. In the middle of the presentation I tried ‘source/ AV’ on my tv remote and got the picture! I was trying to remain calm and not get over emotional during the Emotional Intelligence workshop. Good thing I was on mute. But it won’t read the disc.

Tuesday, I went to Strathroy to get a Christmas tree at the SuperStore. I know it’s too early, but they say there is going to be a shortage. I didn’t buy one last year and missed it. It’s part of my seasonal ritual. It’s still in the net in a bucket of water for now. Lucky break; they gave vaccines there without an appointment. I got both flu and the new Covid. one in each arm of course. I put up some Christmas lights the next day and could sure feel it in my arms.

I also went to Staples to talk to a real person to ask some questions about my Wii and to see if they cleaned or sold a cleaner. The guy was so rude. He ignored what I asked and said I could go on to YouTube to find out how to set it up. I said it was already set up and repeated my question. He said it might need cleaning. They don’t clean them or have kits; I can order them on Amazon. He also said I COULD NOT connect this console with the internet. Well, Mr. Smarty Pants; I DID! I thought it was too old for wireless connection but found it and set it up! Got an ‘update’! I was elated! This is it! But, no, it still will not read the disc.

I’ve been stopping myself from trying it again and again. By Thursday my place was a mess. It looked like when I was working letting things pile up for my day off. That’s a great thing about retirement how nice it is to stay ‘caught up’ and not let things get out of hand. Like it did this week.

Last night I got a text that my grandnephew is going to be around today! I hope my neighbor comes early and fixes the Wii. I want to put up some more lights because the good weather ends after today. Then get the hell outta here!

That’s what’s on my plate for today. There is never, ever nothing to do!

No more editing! Neighbour here!!