New title: monicle’s chronicles

‘Sixty, single and surviving’ is now ‘monicle’s chronicles’.

Lying in bed last night, when I usually ruminate over every little thing, I hit upon the idea to ditch the ’70 with alliteration’ type and hit upon ‘monicle’s chronicles” I like it!

I’ve always worried about the “old lady living alone in the woods” kind of advertising. And how many people think “hey, an old lady! I’d like to read what she has to say!”

No longer in my 60’s as I’m turning 70 next week, still single but good with that, and beyond merely surviving: I’m thriving and loving retirement.

I’m going to keep the same photo because that’s still a good representation of me and easily recognizable.

I usually just do the Stream of Conscious Saturdays (Thank you Linda Hill, but maybe I’ll send out some more thoughts during the week. Maybe. If I feel like it . . .