SoCS: favourite word

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “your favorite word.” Decide on your favorite word and use it in your post any way you’d like.

Favourite word? Good thing you didn’t ask for ‘most commonly used word’ because that would make me look bad but in my own defense: I do live alone, no one can hear me. It’s not like I call them that to their face or say ‘fuck’ out loud in the grocery store.

Favourite word. . . hmm. Favourite stupid word right now is ‘right’ which is expected to be right for too many things. the Right is wrong and Left is right. But the Right thinks the left is wrong and the Right are right. Are the Left right? And look how its spelled, for petes sake! ‘ou’ is old English but ‘gh’ isn’t? But if we wrote ‘rite’ it wouldn’t be right. Hell, why isn’t it favouright? No, you don’t even pronounce it like that! English must be hell to learn.

So my favourite word should be LOVE right now. But that’s an idea behind a word, not just a good word like curmudgeon, or bamboozle, flabbergasted. gobsmacked. chuffed, faff, cannabinoids.

I still spell favourite with a ‘u’ whether there is a wiggly red line under it or not.

I just looked it up in the Miriam Webster dictionary. “Favour: chiefly English spelling of favor.” Hhmmm. Maybe I’m turning into my grandad: a staunch Brit who thought Brits and anything British were the best. However, ‘favor’ just doesn’t look right.

That’s enough rambling: I guess I don’t have a favorite word. See that? No loyalty to a word. I can move on.

Well, all 5 of my faithful readers; I’m turning 70 soon and will be changing my . . . title or whatever you call that thing.

Say goodbye to Sixty and still surviving. I am seventy and well beyond surviving . . . thriving? still smoking? (Cannabis: don’t want anyone to think I smoke cigarettes). This is such a major commitment! My entire identity in a phrase!