SoCS: happy place

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “happy place.” Write the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “happy place.”

My happy place is my home. I know people’s happy places are their boat or their cottage or Las Vegas and that would be nice to have a happy place somewhere else but it’s my home. Whenever I’m out and wherever I am, I can’t wait to get home.

But last night I was out of my home to see a psychic. I went with my sister, niece and grandniece. I had such a strong feeling about going to this event to get a message from one or both of my parents, I took a little pouch with a necklace of my mom’s and my dad’s watch. We had 3 generations of our family. I was so sure there was a message for us.


I just deleted a long tale: SoCS or not; it was too long. A tale about a man who committed suicide three years ago and his brother who died of a drug overdose about 3 weeks ago: my niece’s husband, Tyler, and her brother-in-law, Rob. Tyler’s ashes are buried here, and his brother’s may be too but it’s still too soon for that.

Tyler, Rob and Wayne, their dad, built this house together. Wayne still comes over every once in a while, to reminisce. He was here last week, looked up and said “I can see my boys working on the roof.” It’s heartbreaking but at the same time I’m happy to keep this place for them.

The psychic came right over to my niece first and, believe me, she is probably the only person in that room who would not want that! Immediately centered out for the whole room!

I feel it’s just too personal to share with the world. I believe spiritual experiences should be kept to ourselves.

I’ll just get to the point of it: this place is a happy place for their spirits, too. I have felt that but it was very much confirmed last night.

I tell ya’ . . . you sure never know what life will throw at you.

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