SoCS: silent letters

Anyone here play Wordle and/or Quordle? I play them every morning and I’m getting pretty darn good at it. I pride myself in getting the words in 3 or 4 tries.

But what screws you up are the words like: light, fight, right, might, sight and it turns out to be night.

What a weird word when you look at it: _ight. It must be some kind of old English. With the evolution of language it will probably become fite, site, etc.

Like favourite and colour . . . yes, us old colonizers still spell it that way!

Reign over us, King Charles III. (Laugh out loud)

And while I’m here: how can people be sad that Queen Elizabeth died “unexpectantly” at 96? She lived an incredible life, had a loving family. She passed quickly and peacefully in her favourite home in Scotland. No one had to fly in to wait around a death bed for days on end. Excuse me: that isn’t sad! That’s damn lucky! I’m happy for them all! Jolly good!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a word that contains a silent letter.” Choose a word that contains a silent letter and use it in your post, or write about words with silent letters in general.

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