SoCS: why

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “start with why.” Begin your post with the word “why.” 

‘Why?’ is something I have given up asking. I’ve wasted too much time wondering why people do the things they do (or don’t do) but lately I’ve come the conclusion that it doesn’t matter why. It is what it is and it doesn’t matter why. Probably better off not knowing why: it might be too upsetting.

Coincidentally, this very subject got blown up in public (well, on Facebook) this week so thank you Linda for reading my mind and letting me defend myself.

I have a friend who takes everything to the extreme. Its love/hate, black/ white, good/ evil and nothing in between. She doesn’t simply dislike certain politicians, she hates them: they are so vile they shouldn’t even live. . . etc. The things she says about her mother would curl your hair.

We write to each other by e-mail and she visits here 2 or 3 times a year. Just last week I wrote to her about how I stopped asking myself why people do what they do. Little did she know she was included in with ‘people’. She doesn’t want me to stay at her place in Toronto for some reason; I don’t know why. Tonight she is having a huge party with a band for her 70th birthday. They even rented a hall. She started out right from the get-go saying that she knew I wouldn’t be able to attend.

So I the day after I wrote to my friend about giving up on ‘why’, I found she had posted this on my Facebook timeline. (I have to go back to FB to get it)

Holy Crap! This is what I mean about taking things to the extremes! I do not consider any of these people to be terrible human beings! I love them! And what would she think if she knew she was one of these “terrible human beings”! I don’t think this at all! I think people have their reasons. And same with her, some of you have even suggested in past posts about why she might not want to invite me to her place. I’m sure there is a reason.

But why doesn’t matter.