SoCS: bored/boards

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “board/bored.” Use one, or use them both for bonus points.

There are some people who work after 65, even though they don’t have to, because they are bored. I know 2 women I worked with at a grocery store that still want to work there because they get bored. They want to be there!

I can’t imagine that. Well, I can imagine being bored although I don’t get bored much. There is always something to do: some things I have to/should do and some things I want to do but hells’ bells, I would rather be bored than be in that damn grocery store for 6 hours, under florescent lights listening to the same mind-numbing pop tunes or worse; country! wearing polyester and a baseball cap! Its hell! HELL, I TELL YOU! I was counting the days to get out of there. When I got my first pension cheque I sang O Canada! Thank You!

The ‘board‘ part that comes to mind is recently donating my old deck boards to the local trail club. I was very lucky to get a new deck before the pandemic and lumber prices going sky-high. The old boards were thrown into a pile which I moved and stacked neatly. Then I realized they were in the pathway of my propane tanks for the guy that has to fill them so I moved and stacked them again. I knew they were too good to burn. They had been stacked there through 2 winters.

A couple of months ago the Lambton Shores Nature Trails advertised they needed old deck boards for building a boardwalk in a sensitive area of a trail near here. These guys volunteer. They came one mosquito infested morning and loaded the boards onto the back of their truck. They had to saw some in half first. We were all so very happy! They even sent me a nice letter with a LSNT badge.

I’ll bet those guys never get bored. They even keep the trails clear in the winter.

I know I’ve written about this before but its worth repeating: Something I heard from Oprah I’ve always remembered, that when we are bored we are really at our ‘best life’ because we are not pushed for time or stressed or worried or overworked. . . We should be content that we can be bored!

So I’m happy to be bored today. . except I won’t be. Its perfect weather to have all the windows open so I’m puttering around all day; inside and out.

Hope you all get a chance to get bored this weekend!

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