SoCS: wash/awash

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wash/awash.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Bonus points for using both. 

I live in IpperWASH! And right now Ipperwash is awash with beach/vacation people. Not only is this a popular beach/vacation area but its a long weekend and its hot. I’m not going ‘out there’!

I hope. I did last weekend. I went out to the very, very crowded beach because I had chance to be with my grandnephew and grandniece right here on my beach and wasn’t going to pass that up. Holy moly, there were so many people. We parked at the back of the overflow parking lot which was almost full. The regular parking lots were full and cars were parking along the side of the road so they wouldn’t have to park in the back of the overflow parking lot. There were line-ups to go up and down the stairs to the beach. We were lucky to find a spot where people had just left.

And now we have a hot, sunny long weekend. IpperWASH will be awash with people. . . crazy people. I can already hear cars speeding to the beach. I was out Thursday evening and saw a lot of people speeding, tail-gating and making stupid passes. Local restaurants had full parking lots spilling out to the road.

My big plans for this long weekend is to change the spool on my weed whacker. Oh, and I’ll do a wash!

I hang my wash on a wooden clothes drying rack on my deck. My clothes line is now completely shaded by an overgrown Butternut tree. But drying the wash on the deck with the rack is better than the clothes line ever was! Its hotter, dries faster and birds don’t land and poop on it! When its this hot it will dry in an hour or 2. Its been sunny so many days I’m at the bottom of my laundry bin. I’m down to the ‘things that run purple’ wash.

Last night I realized I was still awash with OFF! and had to wash off the OFF!. I’m not saying that dramatically; its named “OFF!”. I may have lots of mosquitoes out back but that means I also have fireflies. They have passed their peak but still a few at night. A month ago it was awash with twinkling fairies at night! Luckily the mosquitoes don’t bother me on my deck, putting out my wash.

I’ll see if I have any photos of Ipperwash Beach here in my library;

No photos of a crowded beach but I did find my favourite. Happy Civic Holiday weekend. Its our Civic duty to have a good time or serve people having a good time.

One thought on “SoCS: wash/awash

  1. You are so lucky to have fireflies. I used to see them in my backyard years ago, but I think the city or neighbors spraying for mosquitoes has chased them away. I have to far from the city to see them.

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