SoCS: make a note

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “make a note.” Do with it what you will. Have fun!

Make a mental note; always keep some cash on you. It is not obsolete yet. Yesterday Canada had a huge internet outage and the world came to its knees. Well, I think Toronto did anyway as it involved debit, transit . . . etc. It was all to do with one company, Rogers. We still haven’t heard how it happened.

I recently saw a story on 60 minutes that cyber attacks are a real danger and on the rise. Now with the war going on I can’t help but wonder if Russia would attack the largest internet provider in Canada.

Make a note of how dependent you are on the internet. Case in point; my friend who visits me a couple times a year depends totally on GPS. It took a couple of visits for me to discover she didn’t know where she was when she realized I lived on a different Great Lake than her. “oh! you live on Lake Huron!”

She visited a couple of weeks ago, she’s been here more times than I can count. On the day she was coming I got a text; “my GPS is down. Send directions from Hwy ___.” It took several texts and wrong turns to get her here. If my internet had been down she would have been lost. The next day a service crew cut my line by accident and I was out for 24 hrs. If it had been the day before she would have wondered why I wasn’t responding: maybe thinking I was angry. No, but I was irritated.

This time I forced her to look at a map. She didn’t want to but I said “Please! Just humour me” and she reluctantly pointed out the route here. I mean: make a note of where you are on a map! How can anyone not?

But I’m old, I don’t reply on my phone. I don’t even turn the data on; I have a laptop for this shit. My phone is for texting, camera and dictionary. I’ve already gotten texts from my provider that its so old I won’t be able to use it in the USA because its only 2g. I guess its only a matter of time before I’ll have to upgrade. But I can wait until that time.

I have to make a note of everything as do most people my age. My anxiety shows up as thinking I’m forgetting something really important so I go to my calendar to assure myself there is nothing to worry about. Grocery list, of course on paper. . . just have to remember to put it in my purse.

Make a note of this and always have real life back-up!

4 thoughts on “SoCS: make a note

  1. The Canada internet downtime glaringly points out on how we have become dependent on these things and the irony is that we keep seeking for ways to become more dependent on gadgets, technology and what-not.

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