SoCS: How?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “how.” Use the word “how” in your post. Bonus points if you start your post with it. 

“How can people be so heartless?” Of course, a song usually comes to mind. Its one that has been in my head for a couple of weeks although I haven’t listened to it. Its from the musical Hair. I will find it and put it on the end of my SoC.

Its so hard to see the war going on and the atrocities. So hard to imagine this can still go on in this day and age. What’s worse is its becoming back page news as is goes on and on: as we get hardened to it. How can this happen? How can one man or even a handful of men have the whole world by the balls? How can they just lie about what they are doing? And how can we still let ourselves feel happy?

How can the rich be so greedy and feel proud of it? Luxury homes and luxury cars are in high demand. The big new homes built around here solely for B+Bs go for $10,000 a week, yes, a week, and they are filling up. Tiny cottages that middle class people could afford for a week are being torn down. There is no middle class anymore. There’s the haves and have-nots.

How can people keep up all their habits that make giant carbon footprints and then post on social media of how much they care about nature and the environment? People aren’t trying hard enough to change their ways. How can we stop buying all this shit? How can we “build our economy” and and stop buying so much shit? Crap coming over in huge barges, hundreds a day; half of it ending up in the landfill with packaging and things people decide they don’t really want. How long can this keep going on?

People aren’t changing. Money is more important. Bitcoin and all the internet crap, Twitter, tiktok. all suck energy. Needless, pointless drivel hour after hour. Keeping our minds in a false reality. A false construct. An illusion. But it sure works. We are just as much prey to propaganda as Russia but we are so subtle. We make good consumers. We consume goods like the Wendigo chewing off his own lips in hunger.

How can I sound like I’m in such a bad mood but still feel somewhat contented? Partly because this is the place I vent without bothering people. But also because I live in my own house in a peaceful place and I have my health. How could I ask for more? One thing: A good friend who lives close by would be really nice.

Well, now I remember why I haven’t listened to this song in a while. LOL! But great lyrics so I picked one with them written out.

3 thoughts on “SoCS: How?

  1. You ask a lot of burning questions that I don’t have answers to. I don’t understand Putin’s need for war and destruction – not sure what he’s going to have left if he destroys all of Ukraine; I don’t understand how people place so much value in their belongings and less importance on other people and the planet they share. I definitely don’t understand bitcoin or people’s willingness to believe lies and conspiracy theories simply because it justifies their own warped beliefs and makes them feel comfortable. I have been very frustrated by all of this and sometimes share your mood. It’s hard not to be down on certain days when the darkness of humanity invades and we ponder how did we get here and what do we do about it.

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