SoCS: way to go

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “way to go.” Use it as a phrase or use it in its literal sense. 

Funny, I saw the prompt this morning and thought I wasn’t going to do it. I’ve been down and didn’t want to write another bummer post. I was not inspired by ‘way to go’.

But I wrote to a friend about a story I saw about a Russian captured soldier. The Ukrainians gave him hot tea and let him call his mom on Facetime. He was in tears saying he didn’t want to be there and they did not know they were going to war. The Ukrainian people are now going to the convoy with megaphones telling the soldiers if they surrender they will be fed and housed. Then I wrote, without thinking about it; LOVE IS THE WAY TO GO.

So I guess I wrote it after all.

4 thoughts on “SoCS: way to go

  1. OMG. Can you find the link to the story and post it? I think we ALL need to read that one, considering the rest of the stories we are reading about Ukraine. I also heard than Russian soldiers were dumping fuel to stall the convoy but that was hearsay from Twitter, a friend told me.

    • Sorry I saw it on TV. I’ve had a news channel on, watching interviews. But it was taken by a Ukrainian with a cell so it must be ‘out there’. I don’t do tiktok or Twitter: it might be there.

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