SoCS: trees

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “tree.” Use the word “tree” or write about a tree. Any kind of tree. 

Trees! I love trees. I prefer to live surrounded by trees and not people. Love to be in the woods. Used to love camping in the woods. My last place was in the woods . . . the woods. . . now that I’m writing it, what a great name: the woods. all different kind of woods. It almost like our culture sees trees as a commodity to exploit which we did and continue to do.

I would love to see what Southern Ontario used to look like before we clear cut it. We did not leave any old growth. Only now its too late do we understand the gravity of what we did. Tens of thousands of years growth destroyed in 100 years. Then we moved on to destroy the west.

My last last place had a long driveway through through trees and our house was in a clearing of trees. I was really sad to leave that place but luckily my settlement bought me this place which is in trees. I want to look out my window and see trees.

There are a few trees I especially like. There is the Copper Beech which holds onto its leaves all winter after turning a spectacular copper in the fall. The old leaves are pushed off by new growth in the spring; a deep burgundy colour.

The huge butternut tree was from a seedling my ex-husband gave my nephew-in-law when we started a nut tree nursery about 40 years ago. Never in my imagination would I have thought this would end up being my place. My ex is still in our old place, My nephew-in-law has passed away, this tree is constant reminder of the transitory nature of life: we can never guess how things are going to turn out.

I’m looking out my window right now at a huge Black Pine that’s up by the road. I can’t see it all summer when the leaves are out on the poplars but when their leaves drop, I can see its beautiful silhouette. In these short days the sun sets there, showcasing this spectacular Pine.

And I can’t talk about my relationship with trees without mentioning The Sisters. They are a group of six Paper Birch coming out of one center. They are deep within the woods behind me, out on the trail. I never get tired of walking this same trail over and over as I get to know more and more trees. And they get to know me.

Oh my gosh, I looked right past my Gingko to admire the Pine. It just said “What about me? Everyone admires me!”

Trees, beautiful trees! We must switch to hemp for paper products and plant more trees!

The Sisters

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