SoCS: grey

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “black, gray, and white.” Use one, use ’em all. Bonus points if you use all three.

OK, first of all: what is with all the grey interior design? It boggles my mind that grey became the ‘colour’ in style so everyone uses it! It is the most depressing colour known. Its not even a colour. I’m sorry to the people reading this that have grey homes but I see it on TV all the time, too. And on FB and magazines. Grey! Why? Don’t people have a colour they like? Is now gauche to like colours? Are colourful walls the blue eyeshadow of home decor?


When you get older things aren’t so black and white but bigger and bigger areas of grey. When you are young things are good and bad, right and wrong, you love and hate. But after having been the bad guy and wrong and hated, you start to see both sides. You realize you aren’t so fucking perfect so stop pointing a finger.


There are actual studies done on how colours affect your mood. The ‘grey’ season is coming up. Grey skies and white snow. My eyes are drawn to the Red dogwood in front of the cedars. Christmas colours! Seeing a male cardinal really stands out! We all put up lights to cheer up the gloom at this time of year. Why would anyone choose to wake up to a grey kitchen!?!

I just realized I spell grey differently. oh well, and this is how I spell ‘colour’. See? There is no right and wrong way!

4 thoughts on “SoCS: grey

  1. I spell like you. Not that it’s right, it’s just how we do it here. I agree about grey – it’s not a colour. It’s great for a neutral background though – if you want the cardinal to stand out.

  2. We painted a few bedrooms a gray-leaning neutral — I really only saw the gray when I sat the color card next to a cream one. I love hanging paintings, using throw pillows, enjoying comforters/throws as pops of color at home. I want the color, but I find the neutral base soothing. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. I was surprised when Linda wrote the prompt as “gray” since she’s Canadian, too. 🙂 Have the colo(u)rs gone to gray now. I gave up when every stinking interior design photo was white on white, it photographs well but feels like a hospital living in it (and even hospitals aren’t stark white any more). As you say, the older you get… I am currently pondering a situation where not too long ago I would have known the “black or white” answer to it. In the past few years I have seen where there are shades of gray (grey) and mitigating circumstances and I’m not really sure of the “correct” stance. I’m wanting to just fall back to the old “if it feels good do it” approach and forget the overthinking and the shades of gray, but with age comes a modicum of wisdom too (hopefully) and so that complicates things. I guess there is always throwing a dart and seeing where it lands… (with my luck that would be in my foot).

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