SoCS: boo

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “boo.” Find a word with the letters “boo” in it or use “boo” as is and base your post on it. 

Boo. I don’t mean this as scary ‘boo’, I mean ‘boo’ as in ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, ‘shouldn’t be’ ‘thumbs down’. Also ‘boo hoo’ but that just sounds too sarcastic because I really am crying. I wasn’t even sure I was going to write today but ‘Boo’ got me started.

This morning I found out an old friend of mine who has ALS has elected assisted suicide on Nov. 4th. I don’t know if you are allowed to do that in other countries but Canada has been slowly sliding towards it. I won’t get into that subject because that certainly is not my ‘boo’. Its a good thing. My ‘boo’ is on how much life can suck.

This lady is a great person! So kind and giving. I had a very small wedding way up north where she lived and she insisted on buying me a wedding dress and organizing a wedding. She flew up another girlfriend from Toronto as a surprise.

She came to visit me here and was the most supportive person I have ever come across. She would tell me how great it was that I do all this on my own and how I pulled myself out of a terrible marriage and bought this house . . . etc. etc. That meant so much to me! I usually get advice on what I ‘should’ be doing and its usually from people who are a couple. It was so wonderful to hear someone say that!

Here’s my BOO and it might get nasty. Those rotting bastards who make everyone miserable, don’t look after themselves, let their homes rot rather than let anyone benefit from them; I hate them today. I hate so much that they will live on and get old. They will live on the worst food, let their bodies get dirty, live in squalor unless someone else cleans up after them and make everyone around them miserable. And they will get old. There are two of them on the periphery of my life. At times I pity them; today I hate them.

This beautiful, kind, generous woman with big family who loves her is going to die on Thursday in an assisted suicide.

The next day is the 2 year anniversary of another loved one who committed suicide but under very different circumstances.

So BOO! on life today and boo hoo because I want to do some crying.