SoCS: puzzle

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “puzzle.” Use it any way you’d like!

This is going to be one boring post. An old lady talking about her love of jigsaw puzzles. But its stream of consciousness so this is what you get.

I heard a comedian say that blogs posts are writing letters that no one wants to read. That’s exactly right in my case! We all need someone to talk to, to air our grievances so why not go to strangers who don’t know you to clear the excess crap twirling around in the brain. I really wish I had never told anyone I know that I write this because often I need to air my grievances but cannot.

Back to puzzles. I only do them in jigsaw puzzle season. I sort of live by seasons so I have something to look forward to. Now, for instance, is the end of summer and beginning of fall, my favourite season. I decorate with faux leaf boughs. Take down my solar lights. Order my firewood and put it in the wood shed. In a few months it will be winter decorations then a gaudy display of Christmas decorations along with a real Christmas tree.

Christmas lights light up the gloom. The days are so short it gets dark at 4:30. I get no sun in my windows because the sun can’t make it above the trees on the south side of my property.

But in late January I start to get a sliver of sun in the afternoon. February -March the sun comes in fully around 2:00. This is jigsaw puzzle season. I have a board that sits on my ottoman and cardboard trays (box lids) with all the separated puzzle pieces. I can park myself in the sun at any angle.

I even love the organizing of it. You have a box of 500, 750 or 1000 little pieces. In the beginning I go through handfuls breaking it down to 3 trays. The most of one colour or the lightest colour. Flowers, numbers, water anything that differentiates one from the other . . . but the border pieces go on the board to start out. I always do the border first.

OMG. this is too boring to even write! This was in my images from 2015. I guess its not the first time I’ve written about jigsaw puzzles.

its all in the organization