SoCS: where is that smell?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “where.” Use it any way you’d like!

Where is that smell coming from? Every morning I sit at my computer and ask myself “where is that smell coming from?” It smells like a potato gone bad. I’ve cleaned my onion/potato cupboard out completely. I’ve checked the corners to see if a little new potato rolled away and hid. I even thought it might be me and smelled my armpits. I don’t now where else to look. And I only notice it sitting at my kitchen table. Where is that smell coming from?

I had this problem before but in my living room. In the winter time I kept getting a waft of a horrible smell but it came and went. It wasn’t all the time. I could not find where it was coming from for the longest time but finally I did find out. I was out getting firewood and got a full waft of cat spray. You know that awful squirt male cats back up and make to mark their territory. I realized I had it along a woodpile about 1 or so foot off the ground. I would bring this wood into the house and when it warmed up the smell hit my ceiling fan sending down a waft of cat spray.

Where do all these cats come from? At least 4 neighbors have cats who make their rounds through here regularly. Being cats, they don’t like getting their paws wet in morning dew so they have made a path they all use. You can see an indentation of a trail they use across my lawn. A couple of years ago a big willow fell down across the little pond of water so now they have a bridge from my place to yet another neighbor who has cats. In the winter its very noticeable in the snow and takes them along side of the bird feeding table. That’s when I yell at them; “Move along buddy! Get away from my birdies!”

Where are my birdies? The robins left in late July. I was used to seeing them and some other birds on my lawn and using the bird bath everyday. I watched mommy bird show her babies how to find worms in the lawn and how to bathe. Then they were gone. No birds around except the winter birds. Nobody uses the birdbath. I googled to see why they left so early and read they start to ‘flock’ at the end of July. They might have been hanging around the area in huge flocks, getting their young ready for the big trip south. You can see flocks of birds at this time of the year flying together. They may be different species, too.

Where do they go?

I googled that, too. The robins go down to the southern states as far as Texas but can overwinter in more northern states. They don’t fly down to the same place every winter but they do fly back to the same nesting place in the spring if they liked it. Robins, like crows, can also remember your face and get to know you. So I hope to see my family of robins in the spring again and I can ask:

Where have you been?