Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “pin.” Use it as a noun, use it as a verb, use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Hmmm you’re pinning me down here. First thing that came to mind is my PIN number. I am old. I have the same PIN number for everything that needs a PIN number and that number is written on a little piece of paper and buried in my wallet just in case I forget it. Do you ever do that? Try to think of your number and draw a blank? Funny thing is; once you go to use it your fingers just do the right number.

I know security-wise its not wise but I feel OK about it. Although if someone found my wallet and went completely through it . . . OK its not a very good idea but I’ll take my chances. If I had to make new PIN numbers, I would have write them down somewhere. In my sewing room there is a little box with all my passwords in it. Good thing none of you know where I live.

I sew and have pins that are so old they are dull. I have pins from my mom and mother-in-law that could be 70 years old. How do you throw out pins? I have to start throwing out each one that doesn’t slide easily into the fabric instead of putting them back. I have knocked over pins so many times I keep a good magnet handy for picking them up.

There’s a couple of pinned projects lying around right now. I took apart a dress to make a top; its not finished. I made a cover for my lawn old lawn chairs (was going to make 2) because they are disintegrating and get plastic dust on your clothing. But they still work as chairs. I don’t like throwing things out and how do you throw out an old lawn chair anyway? Not good to have pins in a seat cover. I should finish it/them.

Well hell; I’m just right out of pin thoughts.

Its Labour Day Weekend and I live near a beach. Its quiet right now but soon the Labour Day Weekend frenzy begins. Its like the last desperate chance to have fun! People drive too fast and walk in the roads with blown up beach toys. Old noisy tractors taking boats and sea-doos up and down the road all day. Noisy boats and sea-doos driving around, coming too close to swimmers so they can park on a sand bar. And you know all those people are peeing in the water. Pandemic? Bah! We’re outside! The parking lots fill up at the beach and they line the streets. It works up to a climax along with fireworks at all the campgrounds then boom . . . Tuesday everyone is gone. Sand blows across an empty street. Its so peaceful.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m staying away from the beach this weekend. It will be better when things calm down. How do you throw out pins? My parents used to put them in prescription bottles.

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