SoCS: cant

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “least-favorite word.” Use your least-favorite word in your post. If you can’t decide on one, use a word that just really bugs you. 

Well, there are two types of least favourite words. There is the word that you can’t even say because it makes your skin crawl which is why I put my heading as a play on words. And there is the word you don’t like because of it reminds you of something you hate.

You know the first one, gals. You can call a bitch a ho but to actually say **(ew)cunt*** . . . its too awful to even come out of your mouth. And yet in Britain its a common thing to call someone, like we would say ‘asshole’. Not very nice but not vile. I’ve watched British movies where its thrown around like its funny!

So is it our cultural upbringing that makes words so unacceptable? When I was young to say the word ‘fuck’ was unthinkable. You were possessed! Now its a common word, sort of. Useful to relieve stress. A cry out when things aren’t going your way.

Then there is the word that, by itself, is not a bad or ugly word; its the connotation. Organize. Groan. I hate organizing. There are 2 drop spots in my house, out of sight, that get piled up. I don’t have a basement; I have a storage room that leads out the back door. Winter boots and gardening stuff was all mixed and dirty. When I got my new furnace he gave me a big box of filters I have no place for. So stuff so stuff got piled on that. I cleaned it up to look tidier but if I organize a part of my shelving and get rid of stuff I can fit it in. But organizing means first pulling everything out to be sorted through; tossed or kept. Easier to leave everything where it is.

Similarly in my office/sewing cubby. I got a filing cabinet given to me and got rid of enough stuff to get it in the cubby. That’s as far as I got. Now I have to organize stuff into it.

I hate organizing. You know that gal. . . that “sparking joy” nut? She’s a *cunt*. (OMG, I’m sorry! I don’t mean it! I just couldn’t resist ending with it!)

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5 thoughts on “SoCS: cant

  1. LoL. 🙂 I think organize (as in things I need to organize, not other people’s organizations of any sort) is way more of a swear word than either cunt or fuck. Well, I mean, shit. When I was young-young no one swore much more than “damn.” Now even my blog has the word “fuck” implied. (Of course I made a post about how I’m trying to curtail my swearing. Don’t ask how that is going…) I have a lot of friends who spell color with a U. Some live in Canada, like you, and you guys have an aversion to the c-word like the folks in the USA who don’t blink twice about saying “fuck” any more. But a LOT of my spell-color-as-colour friends are Brits and Aussies and well, gosh, those are just a bunch of happy go lucky cunts. 🙂 I’ve been desensitized. I have to say cunt doesn’t roll off my tongue (stops to ponder that phrase) as easily as other words still or yet, but I’ve been known to use it when “bitch” is just too kind. Thanks for the chuckle. And for the chance to write all sorts of words ON TOPIC in the reply. 😀 ♥

  2. I hate organizing but I love being organized. Is there such a thing as a professional organizer I could hire …without having to watch them do it? 😛
    Thanks for the laugh!

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