SoCS: up and down

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “up/down.” Use one, use them both, but try to put one in your first sentence. Bonus points if you use the other in your last sentence. 

First thing I thought of is my mood; up and down, mostly down. Then I thought of the temperatures, mostly up. We are not experiencing heat right now but we’ve already had 2 heatwaves here in Canada and in between them it got cold. Now we are getting badly needed rain however the forecast is lots of rain for days on end. They are experiencing record heat in British Columbia which rarely ever gets hot at all. I’ve read about the temperatures in the US southwest. Holey Moley! We are experiencing extreme weather.

Its not helping my mood to be either too hot or too wet. Although I am relieved; I don’t feel like I should be getting something done outside and everything is being watered. Its a lot of work keeping this place up and that’s getting me down.

I have fairly large lot and I’ve planted a lot of shrubs and gardens to cut down on the size of the lawn but I still want a good stretch of lawn. I had an old rider mower that made that job actually fun but it broke down forever. I could not afford another rider so I had to get a push mower. Even though its self-propelled, its a lot more work.

Not getting my second shot is getting me down. The local clinic is booked until late Aug. Seriously. Oh yeah, I can drive to the city an hour away but I’m not going to. Its ridiculous that I should have to go that far for a damn shot. Everyone at every age is getting their second shot everywhere else.

So you might have guessed by now, I’m down. Yesterday I went for the mail and ran into my lazy, young neighbour. “How’s that new lawn mower working out for you?” I want to beat him up.

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