SoCS: yarn

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “yarn.” Use it any way you’d like.

Yarn? Darn.

Hey, glad I said that, it gave me an idea.

I used to darn socks with yarn! Seriously, that’s what we used to do when our sock’s heels wore out. You could buy braids of thin, coloured yarn pieces, about a foot long, that had the main sock colours.

My mom taught me this. Now that I look back I understand she was still in her old way of thinking. She lived her teenage years in England during WW2 when everything was rationed. Even in her childhood they didn’t have much money so my mom taught me to darn socks the way her mother taught her.

She taught me to put an orange in the heel and hold the hole in position. Then you got your special darning needle that had a dull tip and large eyehole. The first stitches were loose and as long as the hole and when the vertical stitches were done, you carefully wove the horizontal in and out.

The major problem was that someone at school would see it. You would have to make sure you didn’t let your shoe heel drop. I guess back in England in the 30’s it was quite common to have darned socks. Not in Toronto in the ’60’s.

YARN. Yarn is the word. And yarn is another reason why I didn’t like it. I liked cotton socks and yarn darning was ridiculous.

Now I never wear out heels of my socks. Its the big toe nail that cuts cuts through. I admit; I have sewn up some toe holes on my favourite 100% cotton socks. I don’t use yarn.

Now we just throw things out.

Today is June 5. My mom’s birthday and her death day. I am grateful to her for teaching me to be frugal and the importance of not throwing out every thing just so you can buy new stuff. She taught me how to darn socks and talked about why they used to darn their socks.

. . . while she ‘spun yarns’ about her life. (that’s gotta be bonus points!)

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3 thoughts on “SoCS: yarn

  1. Me thinks that your mum was a wise woman… specially whenever I read about all the sweatshops where our clothes and accessories get made.

  2. I’ve sewn a few big toe holes in socks using that weaving technique, though the toe eventually pokes through again. Then the holey socks become rags.

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