SoCS: growth

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “growth.” Use it any way you’d like.

Two subjects jumped into my mind; the first was my personal growth and the second was the growth of all the plants and shrubs that need attention right now.

I experienced a set-back in my personal growth. Someone touched an old wound that only has a band-aid on it and I lashed out in anger. It was an immediate response and I’m sorry I lost control although I’m not sorry I said it.

We, here in Ontario Canada, are still under lock-down so I have had plenty of time to turn this over and over in my head with no one to talk to about it. That’s why mental health is so bad right now. Human contact is a basic need and those of us who live alone can go crazy. Its a fact.

But the other kind of growth is saving my psyche. I spent an hour and half pruning my Pink Beauty. Its a very large shrub that gets a lot dead branches every year normally but also got backed up onto and some main branches were broken. I am very happy that I have 2 hours to spend on pruning shrubs; pushing negative thoughts out of my head with a mantra. I can turn “poor me” into “lucky me” in a short time.

I have 18 tomato plants growing in pots for the garden in the program I volunteer for. I was so sure we were going to have an early spring, I started the seeds way too early. Last week was cold and frosty. I’ve been moving flats of tomato, cannabis and hollyhock plants in and out of my guest room every night. I’ve had them out during the day but last night was the first night I left them outside all night. This weekend they can finally be planted. The flats to be given away can stay outside.

The growth all around the gardens is such a joy in the spring! So many trees and shrubs are flowering! In my raised bed I have spinach and beets coming up. I’m so fortunate to live here! My sanctuary.

The lawn is growing rapidly but I don’t have my lawn mower battery charged up yet. Fingers crossed it starts up again this year. But the lawn also has dandelions, violets and some other pretty flowers growing in it; too pretty to mow! I like it. Good thing I don’t live in a “keeping up the Joneses” neighbourhood!

Well, no witty ending: that’s all I got for ‘growth’.

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