SoCS: run

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “run.” Use it as a noun, a verb, use it any way you’d like.

I don’t think I could run anymore. Never was into running as exercise and when you get older, running shakes up your body too much. I would have to be chased by something that was going to hurt me to get into a run. Well, maybe if I was challenged by my grandnieces or grandnephew to race them on the beach but those days are coming to an end, too. They are getting too old for that.

So we move onto “who’s running things?”. Some people think there is a group of extremely wealthy people running things; that they are responsible for the pandemic and social chaos that is happening now. Some even say they conjured up this virus just to get richer and put the rest of us in life-long servitude to them. I don’t believe they thought it up or did it on purpose: I think its just a big lucky break for them!

The rich are getting richer hands over fist right now. What a great time to invest! Real estate is going wild and construction is driving building supply prices through the roof but so what? They can afford it! All those cheap apartments can become condos and make so much more money! Where do those people go who lived in the run-down over-priced apartments? Who cares! As long as they can get into town to serve us. And they better kiss ass with a great big smile if they want to keep their jobs!

Jeff Bezos lost 34 billion dollars in his divorce settlement. He made it back in a month. Not millions, billions.

So who is running things? I think no one. I think its chaos and we have these governments to keep everything in control. Now they are running on less money than one of the 1% private lives.

Governments haven’t been able to afford keeping up infrastructure and turn to privatization. There are no corporations working for the good of the people: corporations are for making profit. Corporations have to appease the share holders who demand a constant return of money. Cuts are made at the expense of the people who are doing the work to make the corporation successful. They put in as many hours as they are given: not full time because then they would have to be given benefits. Many of them, especially single mothers, take on 2 or 3 part-time jobs to give their kids a decent life.

Most people feel like they have been running to stay in the same spot for so long but now they can’t keep up anymore. The Finish Line keeps getting farther and farther away. If we stumble and fall, we will get too far behind to ever get there.

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