SoCS: butter dishes

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “butter.” Use it as a noun, use it as a verb, use it any way you’d like. 

Butter is my favourite food. (Yes, that’s how its spelled) Butter is part of the reason I am vegetarian but not vegan. Maybe if I was just starting out in adult life I might be a vegan but you can’t teach old people new habits. Our habits are so deeply ingrained its almost impossible to climb out of the groove we’ve worn down in a lifetime. You would have to really want to change: it would take a Herculean effort. I don’t want to change anything at this time.

I used to think I liked seafood when I was young but later discovered it was seafood dipped in butter that I liked. Now I like vegetables dipped in butter. Especially brussels sprouts; add lemon and a tiny bit of cayenne. Now I’m adding olive oil otherwise I would eat way too much butter.

Buttering up someone. That’s a strange term when you think about it. You are going to butter them up . . . for what? to roast them? To squeeze them through a tiny shaft of truth?

Now I’m thinking of that image of Kramer, buttered up like a turkey.

How many people are going to talk about hard butter? I wondered why my butter was hard when my house is not cold. I used to live in a very cold house so I knew why the butter was hard. But I keep this place warm and my butter should not be hard. They say the farmers are feeding palm oil to the cows. Holy cow, is nothing sacred?

My friend bought me a French butter dish but I didn’t like it. Its a two-part . . . explaining is too hard. I’m taking my SoC and getting a photo.

I’ve given up getting those two photos side by side. Now I’m irritated which doesn’t take much these days.

the French Butter dish; I knew you were supposed to put cool water in the bottom to keep your butter from melting in the summer even though butter doesn’t melt when you have air conditioning. You are supposed to fill the top part, pressing butter into it. So the butter has to be soft to press into the top. And its very hard to get it all out.

Fine. But my friend who gave it to me saw it and said I was doing it wrong. Didn’t I get the detailed instructions she sent me? You are supposed to hang the pressed butter top upside down over the water.

Oh, no. Hanging the butter over water. “Sometimes it falls in.” With little air pockets to grow mould in. The whole thing was so illogical I went back to my beloved butter dish.

I’m not taking a photo.

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