SoCS: nerve

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “nerve.” Use it any way you’d like.

Nerve. I have nerve. I have nerve up the wahzoo!

Now I’m hesitating because what’s coming up sounds like bragging but its SoC so what else am I supposed to write?

I got nerve by facing terrifying situations and getting through them without losing it.

I used to be a caver and got into some scary situations; walking on my tiptoes in deep water with my face tipped to the side to get the 6 inches of air between the water and the ceiling. Dropping down a pit on rope the equivalent of an 18 story building, not seeing the top or the bottom of the drop. Climbing up, on rope, through a cold waterfall pouring down. (Easy to repel down: you push off the wall and ‘jump’ down.) Crawling through long tight tunnels on my belly. I was fearless! (well, I really wasn’t, I just did it.)

Then there was the public speaking; supposedly the next scariest thing to death. I am on old initiate of a guru. (I don’t tell many people that) and became ‘designated speaker’ for our path. I spoke in four cities, two were auditoriums with hundreds of people. I walked out on a stage and spoke for a half hour. Come to think of it, I drove there in an old truck with standard transmission. . . in the winter! Nerve, I tell ‘ya!

Those two things in my life, where I faced fear and conquered it, turned me from a wimpy, people-pleaser to someone who is assured of my own strength. I got the nerve to speak up when I felt put down or made fun of. Nerve to stand up and say my piece, like me or not.

I am very grateful for those experiences.

Hey, Thanks SoC! Now I’m feeling pretty good about myself!

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