SoCS: ending and beginnings

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “the beginning, the end.” Write about the beginning of something and the end of  something. Bonus points if your first sentence contains “the end” and your last sentence contains “the beginning.”

The end is in sight; (how many thought of that first?) but even as I write it, I’m not 100% sure that’s right.

The vaccines have arrived! Then Pfizer cuts back Canada’s orders. It’s getting out to the nursing homes at least. Now Moderna is cutting back Canada’s orders. Both companies need to ‘re-tool’. I’ve heard everything from 6 weeks to September for when we can be vaccinated.

Now there are new variants that are much more contagious. Things are as bad as they have ever been. Toronto hospitals are so over-loaded they are shipping patients out to less populated areas. And no one is sure if the vaccines will be any good with the new variants. It might be like the flu, meaning we’ll have to get Covid shots like flu shots as it mutates.

But I can’t be too forlorn; I’ve had worse winters than this! Worse than this was having to go to work. Having to get dressed and go out on cold mornings, brush of the car, spend the day freezing cold, under florescent lights listening to the same annoying songs over and over. . . Oh yeah, I’ve had worse winters than this!

I’ve felt so much better since I started to Zoom. It has given my week structure. I hesitate to say, I like it better in some ways. I can meet with people and not go anywhere! That’s win-win for me! Don’t have to get dressed and go out. Don’t have to sterilize the house. I meet with friends and do an exercise class in my living room. I host a Balderdash game night. I even chat with friends and I hate to chat! (that’s when the 40 minutes limit is good; forty minutes is enough)

So I’m not too worried about when the end of all this is because its been the beginning of a new way of communicating with people while staying at home being a hermit!

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