SoCS: Fridge

The last thing I put in my fridge was Coffee Mate. Yes, I know its not the healthiest but it sure it the best tasting! It makes your coffee taste like Tim Horton’s coffee.

I only drink 2 cups of coffee first in the morning so I’m not worried about the unhealthy effects of 2 dribbles of Coffee Mate. Its creamy but lasts for weeks and it has sweetener so I don’t have to buy sugar.

I used to use honey and half and half. The half and half never lasted and the honey added a distinct flavour. However, I used to have an unlimited supply of honey which I don’t have now.

I used to be married to a beekeeper. We had over 100 hives at one point and did two farmers markets. I had a side business making hand cream, lip balm and candles with beeswax. I would be so busy this time of year getting stuff make for Christmas when I made some good money.

I put in 25 years helping in every part of the beekeeping and the business. I made signs and decorated our market booths. Collected bee parafenlia parenfanalia where’s the damn spell check? I can’t be bothered to look it up.

Most of the morning is over and it hasn’t been pleasant. I have a stray cat drama here. Its wild, skinny, scared and no one can get near it. My neighbour is working on feeding it and I hope they are going to take it somewhere and not set it up in my shed for the winter with the door cracked open.

So I sure don’t feel like writing about how I lost my home, mate and business all in one day.

I’ve got a fire going in my woodstove and I’m going to watch TV today. No one has to tell me to isolate; I go willingly.

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