SoCS: sharp

I’ve used this word in my emails lately describing someone’s dinner time. They eat at 7:00 sharp, he says; his wife is very strict about that time.

The reason I’ve been talking about dinner times is I’m getting together Zoom meetings between Ontario and B.C. which have a 3 hour time difference. Seniors have very strict schedules and dinner times, especially couples. Couples have dinner time carved in stone whereas us singles say just give us the time and we’ll eat somewhere around that.

We already have a Zoom Room on Sunday for chatting at 5:00 pm my time, 2:00 pm in BC. But one friend in BC runs at 2:00 everyday and starts dinner at 5:30. A friend in Toronto is the 7:00 sharp guy. I’m getting too tired to talk by 8:00. I know, its starting to sound like a math test question.

This is my new (and very sharp) idea: Zoom Balderdash. On Monday I send out the word of the week to the players by email or text. They make up a definition and send it to me by 7:00 pm Wednesday. I open the Zoom Balderdash room at 7:30 and when everyone is present, read out all the definitions along with the right one. Then everyone votes on what answer they think is right. You get a point for guessing the right answer and a point for every player who guesses your answer.

I thought it would be good to have 2 days to think up a good or very funny definition; we aren’t so sharp anymore as to think up something on the spot and it would take way too long.

You got to love technology. We can all sit in the comfort of our own homes and visit each others places; see and hear each other sharp and clear.

We sure are going to need it this winter.

2 thoughts on “SoCS: sharp

  1. I’m more relaxed with time than my husband. He seems to be adapting somewhat. We don’t have a specific dinner time, except he has to eat before 8pm or his acid reflux will keep him awake. Have fun with your game!

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