SoCS: brush

I’m going to have to brush up my social skills; I’ve got company coming!

This may sound crazy considering the pandemic and all but we, in Ontario, are in Stage 3. Its allowed. I am letting 2 friends into my bubble.

I really mean it about brushing up on social skills. I’ve been more or less isolated for 5 months and I’m a little crazy. Its going to be strange to have people around and especially when she is an extreme extrovert! At least I don’t have to come up with things to talk about!

We both need it.

I need it because I need to be with friends to talk and laugh again. Friends who understand emotions and depression and accept me for who I am. That’s what I love about her; she accepts me warts and all. Her husband is a sweet, kind man and having him here is easier than being her total focus. He softens her. We all have good conversation.

They need it because they live in Toronto with their grown-up daughter, in a fairly small house in a densely populated city. She is was used to going out all the time to clubs and meetings; this has been hard for her. Going out in Toronto is stressful. They really need a safe place to get away, be out in nature and have some peace.

City people having a brush with nature?

That’s all I got for brush.