SoCS: nail

Another Friday has arrived and with it, another Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. So, how are you? Are you doing okay? Hanging in there? I hope so.

Here’s your SoCS prompt for this week:Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “nail.” Use it as a noun or a verb.

“If you are a hammer, everything you look at is a nail.”

I have reached the saturation point of outrage: I can’t take anymore. I’m so sick of anger and racism and . . . outrage.

The killing of George Floyd has sparked outrage here in Canada when some idiots had the audacity to say there is no systemic racism in Canada. I live in a First Nation area and have many First Nations Facebook friends. They are outraged and understandably so.

But I’ve been hammered into the ground. I can’t go any further down. I can’t read anymore articles or listen to anyone’s anger.

It was my ex who finally landed the last blow to my sanity. He has been totally isolated all this time and is so deeply into his own world there is no communication. I didn’t have the mental strength to listen to how bad everything is.

I yelled, “STOP!” I had to shut him down. Everything is bad and wrong and “they” are doing something to “us” . . . . Aarrgghhh! I can’t take anymore!

I feel like a nail that has been pounded in as far as it can go.

But don’t worry about me! For now I am surrounded with peace. I’ve had some great gifts that is making my life here even better. I just have to keep out the hammers!