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Holy Moly, I forgot all about WordPress for the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I would remember that Saturday passed by without notice. One day blurs into the next.

But here I am; at home.  I’ve been practicing this for years!  I’ve been very isolated this last decade. After my marriage broke up, I moved to a new area and haven’t made any really good friends. Lots of Facebook friends but not ‘lets hang out’ friends.

After I retired I realized I talked to people at work and now I had no one except my sister. Now there were days and days with no communication other than Facebook.

Luckily I found the perfect volunteer position in Opening Doors. Its a program promoting good mental health with a healthy lifestyle. Its geared toward those living in isolation which is a HUGE problem for depression. We had a bus that would pick up people in rural areas without a ride.

Sometimes I would go all week without seeing anyone until Opening Doors again. It was my lifeline to sanity. But that was one of the first things to be cancelled.

So here we are; now we are ALL isolated. I guess I’m lucky to have learned so many tools for keeping myself sane all these years. I’m doing them all now!

Get out of bed. get dressed, comb your hair, brush your teeth. make your bed etc.  Do it even if you feel like you’re walking through water. Put one foot in front of the other.

Eat healthy!  You need fruit and vegetables more than ever now! But give yourself treats, too. I love sugar but I know if I have a night with too much sugar, I will be ‘blue’ in the morning.  Find the balance.  Its such a nice little joy to remember you have cake for dessert.

Exercise!  We are not getting out at all! Even our trails are closed!  Turn on that music and dance! Do yoga slowly with mindfulness. Make yourself do some kind of exercise; it really, really makes you feel better. You HAVE to do it!

And, of course, keep in touch with people. Especially if you live alone, as I do. I see so many things on what to do with your family or kids. .   not much on what to do all alone. Its really hard!  But then I think of all the people who wish they could be alone! Or the health care workers who would love to have an afternoon nap in the sun.

There is also spiritual practice. I felt I had been neglecting it compared to how devoted I used to be but its all there, waiting patiently. Whatever it is for you; do it.

This is all new to so many people but I’m an expert at isolation; been practicing it for years.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “practice/practise.” Use it any way you’d like.

5 thoughts on “SoCS: practice

  1. Excellent advice. I “walk through water” each day for that sense of routine until this morning. Wallowing a bit and watching recorded TV. Maybe I’ll pick up again this afternoon? Thanks for the inspiration 😊

  2. I am a loner most of time, but I’m not liking being told to stay home. I like to be anti-social on my own terms. With that being said, I am following the rules! Stay safe! ~Elle

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