SoCS; unpack

Last weekend I went away but not long enough to unpack my suitcase, only overnight. This was the first time I have packed a suitcase and gone anywhere for a very long time. Honestly I can’t remember. My sister bought me  a really nice suitcase for my birthday the year before last and this was the first time I used it. I keep it in a zipped bag you buy blankets in and that was dusty.  Glad I had the foresight to protect it.

I have unpacked a lot of stuff that is in piles around my storage room and bedroom. Its at that stage where I look at and decide to work on my jigsaw puzzle instead. That’s what I did yesterday because I had to take a break from it.

Its been a busy week . . . HA! Busy for a retired person. Here’s how I got side tracked; I decided the old dressing table in my bedroom had to go. Its not worth much and would be hard to get rid of. I got an idea on-line: take the mirror off and separate the two little dresser sides. Turns out they were the exact width of the speakers in my living room.

My TV is plugged into a receiver and which has big, old 80’s style speakers. My ex gave me the receiver and our old speakers when I bought this house. They have been on shipping canisters for 12 years. We used to get pollen delivered in them.

I had covered the canisters with ‘marble’ Mac-tac, real classy, looked just like marble pillars (not). But they were lower than the TV screen so sometimes I would notice that the voices were lower and also, visually, I wanted them to be as high as the TV. I didn’t want to spend money on new stands so I’ve been waiting for the right thing to come along for free or cheap. for 12 years.

Monday I was all set to take the mirror off the dressing table. First I had to clear everything out of the way to pull it out. EW! I worked on taking the mirror off for a couple of hours, unsuccessfully. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to try my new walking poles so I went for a hike on the trail.

Tuesday morning I woke up determined to get the mirror off.  I did it! And it was so frigging heavy! Holy Moly! They must have used plate glass. I propped it up against the wall.  I had to go out Tuesday afternoon so;

Wednesday I had all day to saw the piece of wood between the two sides and get them under the speakers. It took all day in old-age time. I was pooped, knackered, exhausted but I got them sawed apart, cleaned and under the speakers!!!!

This boring tale is leading to the grand finale; Today I have to open the canisters and unpack them to see what’s in there. I’m pretty sure its fabric. I also have to unpack the drawers of the dressing table which are stacked on the bedroom floor. There’s a drawer of belts, one of scarves, clutch purses and a junk drawer with old glasses, nipple covers and the like. I have to empty them and find a place for all that stuff before I put the drawers in the living room; otherwise that crap might stay there another 12 years.

I would love to show you photos but remember when I said I switched to Windows 10? Something has changed with ‘my photos’ and I haven’t figured it out yet. I can’t find any new photos I’ve taken since then. My camera program is not here and I don’t feel like f*#*ing with that now!

I have things to unpack!


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