SoCS: year

Another year has gone by. The older you get, the faster they go ’round. Hard to believe I’ve been living here for 12 years. The years just go by.

This feeling has been heightened by going through old family albums. I have all the old albums from both my mom’s and dad’s side of family. They go way back, 1800’s even. The bindings and covers are falling apart; I’m re-doing them to give to my nephew’s family.

That’s the feeling I keep getting; lives gone by, years gone by. . . time marches on.


People make such a big fuss about New Year’s Eve. Its almost as much stress as Christmas but without the shopping. Its just a night. Its just a change of month like any other month; a change of calendars.

I’m looking forward to New Year’s Day. That’s when I take away everything Christmas.  It’s already getting sad looking; like ‘the morning after’. I think I didn’t cut enough off the bottom of the tree because there is water in the reservoir but its tinder dry. Some of the icicles and balls are drooping and so they don’t hang anymore; they touch the branch below and are crooked. It looks dead, sad and cheap.

We had a green Christmas this year. That was OK with me because it was easy travelling to my nephew’s. Its nice not having to have my driveway ploughed or my porch shovelled. I’ve been out on the trail many times. But its dull and dreary; seeing a blue jay or cardinal is a surprising flash of colour.

Being as old as I am and remembering years gone by; we’ve had a few green Christmases and we are probably in for a few more.  But then it will swing drastically and we’ll get terrible cold and lots of snow.

That’s still coming, although I can remember a year when I hardly had to have my driveway ploughed.

Hard to remember we had a foot of snow in November! That melted away and there’s been no more since. I saw a lot of complaining about having a green Christmas on Facebook, all by younger people.

My stream of consciousness is a babbling brook today.

2020. I can’t believe I even made to 2020. I know I’m only 67 but I remember when we were young and read about the future; like 1984, or Space Odyssey 2001. Trying to imagine what we would like and what we would be doing when we were that old!

OMG, years go by.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “year.” Use it any way you’d like.

4 thoughts on “SoCS: year

  1. I could spend days sorting through old pictures. It’s so overwhelming!
    We always have a green Christmas in Florida! Right now it is almost 70 degrees and muggy. If it wasn’t for the humidity all would be good.
    Happy New Year to you! ~Elle

  2. The older you get, the faster they (years/time) goes. That is so true and yet somewhat of a conundrum because time does not change. So, what changes? I ask because I am dumbstruck by how fast the day/week/month or years seem to go by for me (I’m almost 57).

  3. My parents had many albums and boxes of old photos. Going through them and deciding what to keep was a huge job for me emotionally, yet they are also treasures. It’s a very good thing that you’re taking care of these family photos for posterity.

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