SoCS: marketing dentistry


socs-badge-2019-2020Went to my pile of flyers that get stacked until the day I put out my recyclables. Every Wednesday I get a roll of flyers stuffed into my mail box. I go through them, look at a few, pick out the good ones for starting fires then throw the rest on the stack.

The top flyer was a shiny, two page advertisement for Petrolia Dentistry. I’m so glad you had this prompt today because this is funny. Not funny ‘ha ha’ but funny like; holy moly, look at the advertising for these dentists.

‘Caring and Convenient Dentistry’ with a photo of a young mom and her daughter smiling, “you don’t have to go to a big city!”  “most insurance plans accepted!” etc.

Inside there is info on how to check yourself for problems such as #4- have your teeth suddenly become loose?”

Then next page has a recipe for Curried Butternut Squash Soup and a photo which I’m going to scan because it contains a pet peeve of mine. A good-looking almost elderly couple. I know they are not clients of Petrolia Dentistry and this photo is most likely used in many advertisements such as travel. Whenever there is advertising for seniors they are always a couple.  and they usually look just like this; (I’ll give you the whole page so you can get the recipe)

fake couple
fake couple with photo-shopped teeth


ON the back is a photo of the 3 dentists with a little write-up on each one. “Call them today!” and, repeated; “Most Insurance Plans Accepted”

I already have a dentist I like and she’s much closer than Petrolia.

Thanks for a fun prompt, Linda!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “flyer/ad.” Look at the latest ad you got in the mail (if it’s a store flyer, choose the product right in the middle of the page) or choose the next online ad you find, and theme your post on whatever the product is. Do not name the brand if you hate it, unless you add that it’s an opinion/review of the product in question. You don’t want to chance getting sued. Have fun!