SoCS: nuts

My life is full of nuts; edible and human.

My ex-husband, who’s a nut, brought me a big bag of nuts; walnuts from Costco. They have the best walnuts because they are fresh. Walnuts go rancid very quickly so those little bags at the grocery store are already rancid.

I eat raw walnuts to boost my protein at breakfast and also because they are high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Recently I found chia seeds are really high in Omega fatty acids also but they aren’t nuts so they’re aren’t in this story.

One of the bins in my fridge is just for nuts and seeds.

My ex-husband is a nut and not in a good way. First of all, rejecting me as a wife proves it right there. So far he cannot find anyone who can put up with his nuttiness.

He collects things; he has 50+ salt lamps and I’m sure he will keep on buying more. He also buys rugs from somewhere in Toronto at a really good price.

Last spring he came with a beautiful salt lamp (I even posted it here) and two runners.  He visited me a couple of days ago and came with another salt lamp and two more, bigger, rugs.  They are beautiful but . . .  I don’t want them!

Yesterday, while I was dragging them around the house trying to find good spots for them, I was getting pissed off. Just give me the money you spent on them, damn it! Apparently the new hall runner is worth thousands of dollars but he only paid hundreds. It makes me want to sell them. I have a sagging deck that needs fixing and have to hire someone $$$; replacing it for a new one is more than I can afford.  I don’t need or want expensive rugs!

His house (which used to be my house) must be so weird but at least it has lots and lots of negative ions abounding. He can feel them. He doesn’t have any on-line or especially wireless anything. I hide my phone when he comes just to avoid scorn. He say he can feel wi-fi but doesn’t know I have it here and I’ll never tell him.

I’m glad when he leaves because he’s so intense and full of nutty opinions he wears me out. I can hardly get word in before he interrupts and talks me down. Then, after he goes, I feel sad. Sad for the husband he could be, but isn’t.

I must be nuts.




Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “nuts.” Use it any way you’d like.

6 thoughts on “SoCS: nuts

  1. You are a good person for still putting up with his nuttiness! Sell the rugs – fix the deck. Tell him they are at the cleaners if he ask next time he shows up. ~Elle

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