SoCS: dress


Beautiful photo!

The first thing I thought of for ‘dress’ was one of my favourite PJ Harvey songs; “Dress”. It pretty raucous and raw so I’ll save you from watching it if its too harsh and tell you why I like it so much. Its about a girl/woman who’s dressing up to attract a guy.

The best lines are; “I’m spilling over like a heavy loaded fruit tree” and, later, “I’m falling over like a dancing costume.” Love PJ Harvey.

Now actual dresses; I don’t wear them. This is mostly because my legs are not my best feature but also because I don’t like bare legs and breezes up my skirt unless it very, very hot outside. I just like my legs covered, that’s all. I do not feel comfortable in a dress.

I have a couple of dresses for special occasions like weddings but by the time I’m ready to wear a dress again its either gone out of style or the middle part is too tight.

I’m not dressed yet; still in my pjs and housecoat.

Today I’m going to try and finish off the pile of wood  that’s left in my driveway, if not I will definitely finish on Monday. Two dump truck loads of firewood I put away all by myself. My wood shed is full so I might have to pile some off to the side.

OK . . . get dressed.