SoCS: ground

I haven’t written a post in 2 weeks! I have to use ‘ground’:

The ground you walk on can be dangerous.

The last 5 Mondays I’ve been taking a course called ‘Boosting Balance and Bone Health’. It was run by an Occupational Therapist so there was a lot on how to make sure your home is safe.

You don’t think about these things when you are young. Is the ground I walk on safe? How about that towel on the bathroom floor instead of a no-slip bath mat. How about getting in and out of the bathtub? Wearing socks on a slippery floor?

I’m stacking firewood in my shed and there are all kinds of calamities waiting to happen! It has a sloping roof so there is a lot of bending over; bad for the osteoporosis spine. You must bend at the knees, keep your head up and back straight. No twisting while carrying an object; like a bit piece of firewood. How do you pick up a piece of wood from a pile and put it in the wheel barrow without twisting?

I was coming into the wood shed with a wheelbarrow load of wood when my foot got caught on a Virginia Creeper vine that was growing across the ground and I almost tripped. Nowadays, that’s a scary thing. I have to carry less load in the wheelbarrow because of the strain on my upper back.

One of these day I’ll have to give up firewood. That makes me sad.

I’m not sad my aunt passed away last week. What was sad was the last year of her life. I’m happy she has passed on to a better place. She is not buried in the ground; she was cremated. She is free!

OH gosh I have to run (no, don’t run its dangerous). I have to move into the kitchen; we are having our family Thanksgiving today.  Well, my family and some other extended family; its confusing.  I’m making apple crisp.

Last night I prepared the apples, added some Fruit Fresh and put them in the fridge. Put all the dry ingredients together except for the butter which is in the saucepan. Now I only have to bring them all together and bake. I always toss the apples with ground cardamom.

Nice day for a drive to St. Mary’s, a scenic town; the colours are changing. Life is good. On even ground.