SoCS: wrap/ rap


I bought some ‘wraps’ the other day and they are awful. I was fooled. I don’t like those big, round doughy wraps to begin with but these were oval and smaller and had fake burn marks like they were grilled. Black Pepper flavoured.

Stupid, I usually don’t fall for that stuff but they looked good. They’re not, they’re doughy and leave a bad aftertaste.

I even tried to cook it in a fry pan like a roti but it doesn’t even cook! It stays doughy and weird; its not real food.

At first I thought I had just made a bad dinner, trying to use up the free zucchinis and tomatoes I’ve been getting. My first couple of bites were ‘yuck’ then I opened the wraps and just ate the filling. It was delicious! The horribleness of the wrap overpowered the deliciousness of the filling.


I can’t say I’m a big rap fan but I do like some things like songs I can dance to. I really liked Missy Elliott’s performance on the Music Video awards. So entertaining! Its the dancing as much as the music; I love dance. The dances on “So You Think You Can Dance” that were from Luther Brown were some of the best! oh that’s hip-hop. What the heck, I’m 66; I can’t tell the difference.

My favourite oldie rap is from Ludacris. I first saw it at the end of the movie ‘Tropic Thunder’ sung or lip-synced by an unrecognizable Tom Cruise.

I’ll find it and wrap this post up:



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wrap/rap.” Use one, use both (for bonus points), use ’em any way you’d like.

2 thoughts on “SoCS: wrap/ rap

  1. Hate that the wrap didn’t work out. They always seemed more appealing than they actually tasted. Losing them on my no gluten diet wasn’t that big a loss for me.

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