SoCS: couch


Well, Hell . . . anyone who reads my posts knows I got a new couch. I wrote about it and posted a photo before but I’ll do it again because today’s prompt is ‘couch.’

I really love it. It has a high back so I can use my neck pillow when I put my feet up on the matching ottoman. Sorry, if I sound braggy but this is a big deal for me. I had my nephew’s first couch that he gave me 12 years ago: a big sectional. The back was the same height as the big padded arms. It needed cardboard under the cushions because it was broken down. It was low, so you fell into it. That made passing out very easy when you laid down. Oh, it was so comfortable lying down on that old couch!

This one is high; when I first sat on it my feet didn’t touch the floor! The cushions are a lot stiffer, of course, they’re new. I’m bouncing on them a little to break them in.

The guy who sold it to me told me the ottoman should be 1″ lower than the couch. I thought he was just selling me a random ottoman but he was right; it is better that one inch lower. Not only perfect height for putting your feet up but when lying down, its the perfect height for putting food in your mouth and keeping the remotes within hand reach.

One problem, or sort of two: the rug now looks old and grubby and its the wrong tone. And I had my antique Singer treadle machine at the end of my old couch which fit beside the sectional perfectly. Now there’s no couch on that side; its just stuck out there awkwardly. That divides the entrance from the living room with a big plant on top and that’s where I leave my keys and sunglasses and such; I need something there.

This would make some women very happy that they could go out and shop for this stuff. Not I. It means going to TOWN and spending money. The rug and treadle machine stay until I stumble upon a good deal. It’s good enough.

I’ve already posted a photo of it so I don’t even have to download one. When I picked out the fabric I bought ‘Navy Linen’. After it arrived I realized it looks like denim, which is OK!

I took paint samples up to the furniture store to get the colour just right. Oh yeah, those tones are important to me.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “couch” Use it as a noun or a verb.

2 thoughts on “SoCS: couch

  1. It’s always fun to redecorate but spending the money is a drawback. I’ve got an old singer treadle machine in the table and I’m going to chalk paint it to lighten up my room. Love chalk painting. Trying to get rid of all those dark colors! You are getting there slowly but surely. ~Elle

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