SoCS: out it goes

On my kitchen counter there is a can of OFF! Usually I would not allow a toxic chemical in my kitchen but this is length I have to go to remind me of things.

Today is the Household Hazardous Waste Depot- Mobile Event and this time I’m not going to forget. I had the notice on my fridge but I get blind to things on my fridge so last night I took the flyer, printed from Facebook, put it on the counter with a can of OFF! on it.  No way could I walk by this on my way to coffee and not see it.

I have years worth of empty aerosol cans; bug sprays,  hair products, cleaning products. There’s a box of spent batteries and a lot of painting refuse I’m not sure I can put it the bin. I collect all kinds of garbage because I’m not sure how to “throw it away” . .  . can’t use that phrase anymore. Where’s ‘away’? Even our outer space is filling up with junk.

So my mission for this morning is to go through all those creepy places under the sinks and get this crap out of here.


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6 thoughts on “SoCS: out it goes

  1. I have a lot of Styrofoam that keeps building up around my house from products it was shipped with and I don’t want to throw it out with the garbage, but they do not make it easy to recycle.

  2. Good for you!! And it’s a good reminder for me….the town usually has a day to ‘recycle’ or get rid of hard-to-get-rid of stuff. I think I’ll call the city Monday. THANKS.

  3. Good for you! I understand about not knowing how to dispose of “stuff”. My husband has an arsenal. Boxes of old shells his dad reloaded and kept for goodness knows what! They were big hunters back in the day. I’m sure most are not any good after all these years and I’m afraid if my house is ever searched questions may arise. But what do you do with old out of date shotgun shells? If you find out, let me know! ~Elle

  4. Ah! This reminds me, I saw a note about our town’s annual collection date/location. I should probably put that on my calendar with about 10 reminders so I manage to get there this year.

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