It’s really hard to co-ordinate a party for people who live far away. I have tried and failed. My old gang from Toronto likes to have re-unions and I’ve suggested my place but its far in Southwestern Ontario which isn’t Muskoka; the favourite destination.

Recently they started to show interest in coming here and I got sucked into trying again. Why would someone write about coming when they already know they are not coming? I can’t stand flakey people.

So I put it in someone else’s hands. People can co-operate and co-ordinate with him if they want to. . .  I’ll be here if they feel like visiting.

Eventually they will find out this is a good place to party!

Too bad ‘co’ had to be a prefix because I got my new couch! Yesterday I had my first afternoon nap on it. It looks so big and new. Now I want to buy a new rug to co-ordinate with it.





Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “co-” Find a word that uses “co” as a prefix and use it i your post.

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