RDP: sputtering

Whwhwhaaatt!  I sputtered, Its Canada Day! Hey, if this was the July 4th there would be ‘America the Beautiful’ all over this site. But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to be party-pooper and complain about fireworks.

I live in a beach community and there are fireworks in the summer on any given night, for no apparent reason. But now its Canada Day. There were fireworks at the campgrounds Saturday night. I think its a ‘welcome back’ thing: first weekend of the summer.  There are quite a few Americans with cottages and trailers here as we are close to the U.S. border.

Last night (Sunday) there were fireworks in 3 different directions. They weren’t close enough to see but sounded like they were next door. There was one place setting off canons, I swear. I was far away from them and they were way too loud.

Not only that: every once in a while, into the wee hours of the morning, another one will go off. I can imagine a couple of drunks around a campfire thinking it would be funny to let one off after everyone has gone to bed.

But the scariest ones were those that make a whistling sound going up then spiral down, sputtering. That sounded like it was right in the woods next to me. It sounded like burning and crackling right through the trees.

It scary for me and I know what it is. I’ve had 3 dogs in my life and every one was so afraid of fireworks they would cower and shake.  The animals and birds must be the same: it must be terrifying.

Today is Canada Day. Tonight is the big firework night. The last two nights were just the prelude to firework frenzy!

All that money burned, the pollution and the noise; its excessive.


Happy Canada Day! I love this country and feel very fortunate to live here!

canadaday greetings




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