SoCS: four days

Four days. It took me four days to paint my guest room. It’s small and has a low ceiling but I had to do things in stages for I’m 66 years old and run out of steam after four hours.

Sunday I emptied the room: my sister helped me get the bed propped up in the hallway. The shelves and all the stuff on them is in the kitchen.

(Monday I was out all day so that doesn’t count)

Tuesday I washed the entire room with Lysol cleanser for mildew. It had that elusive ‘old room’ smell.

Wednesday I cleaned the textured ceiling with diluted bleach spray and a clean roller. I saw it on YouTube. I decided it would be too big a job to paint the ceiling; it was good enough. Then I taped and painted around the doors and trim. By then it was four o’clock and I could not do another thing for I was so frigging exhausted. I could not muster up the energy for the first rolling.

Thursday I woke up and thought ‘I’m getting this ‘MF’ room done today!’ I did it. I did the first rolling, then the second trip around the trims, then the second rolling. It was so hot I was dripping sweat. I was so tired I was stumbling and cranky but I wasn’t going to leave it for one more day!

Yesterday I took down the tape then went to visit my aunt and pick up a few groceries. This is the Canada Day weekend. The traffic around here was already getting busy yesterday, now it will be crazy.

What are my plans for this holiday weekend? This morning I’ll use a dry rug cleanser and start putting everything back. What fun.

Monday people are coming to take away my old couch so they can help me get the bed back into the guest room.  Then I start preparing to paint the living room.

I have about four weeks fore my new couch is delivered. I’m sure it will take that long to finish it.

So this is my answer for the mindless question people ask; “Have any plans for the summer?” :



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “for/fore/four.” Use one, use ’em all, use ’em any way you want. Bonus points for using all three.