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There is a sign on the road to town that advertises a Strawberry Social today but its been so cold I wonder how many people are social enough to go anyway, even though there are no strawberries yet. (Or unaware that strawberry season is way behind)

But this isn’t about strawberries, this is about ‘social’.  I’m not but I know I should at least try to be because being alone all the time is not a good thing. Its bad for your health, mentally and ultimately physically.

I don’t just volunteer in a mental health program: I’m a member. It does me a world of good to meet with this group and get my dose of social contact. Perfect for an introvert; a scheduled one or two hours a week. Boom, its 2:30. . .  that’s enough, I can go home feeling pretty good.

It sure beats going to a party, feeling like the odd-man-out and wondering when its polite enough to leave. Or ‘going for coffee’ to chit-chat: no thanks.

If you get chance to watch “One Nation Under Stress” with Sanjay Gupta, please do so. He talks about the importance of being social: we are hard-wired as social beings. The success of our society today depends on us looking after each other and not just looking out for ourselves.

For introverts that is not easy. You have to step out of your comfort zone but its worth it. Those few hours with my group does me a world of good. People I know and trust, feel safe with. People like me!

However, I’m not envious of social butterflies. I don’t know how they can stand it! I would be exhausted by their lives. I really need to crawl back into my mental cave and not talk after a lot of social interaction. Re-charge my batteries.

Lately I’ve had more company staying with me than the whole 11 years I’ve lived here!  Its all been good; but I’m happy to have this rainy weekend to myself.

My social schedule is on my fridge; Its supported by United Way and our community health centre. It’s Free and those who don’t have a car can arrange to be picked up. This is great for rural people living in isolation. Programs like this are so important!

It sure means a lot to me.

June OD




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