RDP; Surprising Bats


I would like to have seen the look on those bat’s faces when they saw this;


Surprise! you bats.

They did this last year: got into the soffit vents over my bedroom, sounding like they were right over my head trying to get in! It tried moth balls to no avail, they drove me crazy all summer. This year I got the big guns; an owl.

I think it worked! Its been 3 days now without them waking me up.


I actually have seen the look of surprise on a bat’s face.

I was caving in West Virginia on my hands and knees in a passage that had many bats.  I heard a bat squeal so I looked around but didn’t see a hurt bat so I kept going. Heard the squeal again and as I hurried on my hands and knees realized that no matter how far or fast I went I could hear the squeal the same.

I look over my shoulder and there it was; a tiny, little bat sitting on my shoulder. I let a cry of surprise and fear and so did it, at exactly the same time. I’ll never forget being face to face with that bat when we both opened out mouths and squealed!

My friend, also a female, was behind me. We both freaked out trying to move this poor little bat with our muddy cave gloves. She got it onto a nearby ledge.

I often think of Bat-Boy when I reminisce, except this bat was so very tiny.

BatBoyBut that’s what it looked like!



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