RDP: directional

Is that really a word: directional? I doubt if I have ever used it in a sentence.

The sun is directional. If the sun is shining I have to work outside. There is so much to do right now. I usually do what bothers me the most when I look out the window. Right now that is my Gold Flame Azalea with a foot of grass growing in front of it. All the shrub beds need weeding and mulching.

On Wednesday I did not want the sun. I wanted a day off, not a day doing housework, a day OFF and for that I need rain. Of course I had to do some housework in the morning but I lounged and watched TV all afternoon. No, I don’t feel guilty about it at all. My PVR is full of stuff I save, some especially for daytime viewing; like Ghost Adventures. I can’t watch that at night; its too close to bedtime. Then its not so entertaining! The sun is directional, directing ghosts away. At night you are lying there with your eyeballs bugged open like this will be the first time you see a ghost.

Like the time I saw an orb; or thought I did.

I was lying in my bed and saw a small green orb of light on my ceiling. My eyes bugged open and my heart started beating faster. I blinked quickly a few times but it was still there and then it started moving. I was really freaking out! I could not believe what I was looking at! Then it blinked a couple of times but a familiar kind of blink . . . it was a firefly walking on my ceiling. Because I’m short-sighted a bit of light appears round when blurry. Relief flooded through my body and I laughed; it was only a firefly. I can reach the ceiling standing on my bed so I caught it in a jar. So happy, so relieved.

But I digress. The sun is directional; I will work outside until my body refuses to do any more.







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