SoCS: a brief respite

Aahhh . .  peace. Temporarily; good thing she sleeps in. I have silence, for now. Well, there are birds chirping and leaves rustling but that’s even better than silence. Its peaceful.

My friend who visited me back in March is back again. I guess I didn’t loose her when I wrote a scathing letter about how much she talks, loudly and intensely, then sent to it to her instead of my sister. And she was still here!

She thought it was funny: in the end she was really a good sport. But she’s back and talking.

Last night was good because we had a campfire. Being outside seemed to dissipate the intensity. I think I will use that today and start up another fire and burn brush. The mosquitoes have begun so trail season is over. I hope to get out and walk on the beach but a friend posted a photo this morning showing the beach has disappeared due to high water. We’ll have to go check that out.

When I woke up this morning, I wished I was alone. Can you believe that? Like I don’t get enough time alone! What is wrong with me? Nothing . . . I just really like silence. Especially in the morning.

So I get my 2 coffees and can write this post while she sleeps. Perfect. Then I can ready myself for talk. At least she has interesting things to talk about and doesn’t spend the time talkin’ shit, putting people down.

Now that I pause to think about it; total silence wouldn’t be that great. I would have to put on some music or podcast or TV. . . after my coffee and computer time, that is. Morning I like quiet but total silence would be kind of scary. Sometimes total silence can pound on your eardrums, if you’ve been in a noisy environment. But I like loud music when I’m doing the dishes. (don’t have a dishwasher)

So I guess I really like peace and quiet. And don’t make me talk in the morning!





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